Example Solutions

Smart Compliance

As Compliance Requirements are becoming increasingly arduous this requires that the guiding processes need to be more tightly integrated into the other core business processes.

In essence, Compliance has become an expensive part of everyday business and as such an increased level of integration and automation to core business process becomes a significant competitive advantage. This is what we call Smart Compliance.

Below are some examples of Smart Compliance built using our Platforms:

  • MiFID II online data gathering and processing
  • Anti Money Laundering, Fatca and CRS screening, and processing
  • Mobile work related risk data gathering and management

Business Process Automation

The changing world of finance is forcing Companies, both established and start-ups, to seek methods to automate even the most demanding of business processes.

Although business process automation has been on the agenda for almost a decade there is still much room to improve.

ReSys Platforms provide a unique and fast way to tackle these needs by using out of the box tools for both Business and IT segments to start rapidly and significantly improving the level of automation whilst using a controlled step by step approach.

Below are some examples:

  • Claims process automation
  • End to end reinsurance solution as a cloud service

Online Self Services

Being able to offer your products and services ’Online’ is the key to success in this new digital financial world.

But just being ’Online’ is not enough, the key is how fast and cost effectivly you can develop and manage changes to your ’Online’ channels.

The general speed of change and development of ’Online’ capability means that ideas can be developed and tested rapidly and drive business development in the right direction.

That is why our platforms have been designed and developed to specifically support this from day one.

Below are some examples:

  • Real time product recommendation engine
  • Various intelligent ’Online’ forms to improve self-service capabilities when Customers utilise your digital channels.