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Trending technologies

We leverage current cloud technologies to help you streamline business processes and drive growth to create real value for your customers.

Cloud services

Historically, organisations have purchased, configured, maintained, and hosted their own servers and applications on their own premises, but the world is rapidly moving to cloud-based computing.


Cloud computing refers to the delivery of different services through the internet, such as data storage, servers, applications, and databases. Companies no longer need to manage this IT infrastructure themselves: It all takes place securely off-site on the cloud provider's premises. 

These days, more and more organisations are moving into the future with cloud-based solutions. So, why should you migrate to the cloud? There are so many reasons, including but not limited to

Scalability: Quickly and easily scale capacity up or down according to demand

Security: Leverage existing cloud security features in combination with your own security measures 

Efficiency: Reduce operating costs, equipment costs, and reliance on large IT teams

Availability: Access cloud services from anywhere, with any device

Resys will help move you to the cloud. We will make your solutions available everywhere, on any device, to keep your data safe and secure, enhance collaboration, and reduce costs and time requirements associated with your IT needs.


Platform as a Service, or PaaS, is a cloud-based service that provides organisations with software development tools--a framework--that they can build on to develop and customise applications. it is a cloud-based service, the vendor is responsible for setting up and maintaining the services, upgrades, etc, which reduces the maintenance and other costs for the user. 

Cloud-based service: The vendor is responsible for setup and maintenance of the application, servers, upgrades, etc.

PaaS supports the entire application lifecycle: Building, testing, deploying, managing, and updating.

Eliminates complexity: Build your custom applications without having to worry about managing the cost and complexity of buying, configuring, and managing the hardware and software needed. 

Rapid-time-to-market: PaaS solutions can be developed with much less time than a team of developers needs to build, configure, and work out infrastructure needs.

Our PaaS solutions reduce expense and put the power in your hands to develop your applications and drive your business growth, giving you the time to concentrate on adding real value to your clients.


Software as a Service, or SaaS, is usually a cloud service where organisations “rent” the software instead of purchasing it, and they use it for a certain amount of time.  There are many advantages to this approach, including but not limited to

Better time-to-benefit ratio:  The application is already installed and configured, waiting for you to begin using it.  Get started in hours instead of months.

Integration and scalability: Because SaaS solutions typically live in the cloud, they are scalable and have integrations with other Saas applications. You don’t need to procure more server space: Simply enable a new SaaS application.

Lower costs: Because the vendor manages the application and infrastructure, maintenance costs are reduced.  Also, because organisations pay only to use the software and not to purchase it, upfront costs are significantly reduced and smaller organisations can take advantage of software they might not otherwise have access to.

Upgrades: The vendor handles all the releases and their configuration, and the user does not need to pay for upgrades to the software or the environments.

We also are developing end to end solutions with our partners that combine our cloud experience with our platforms to provide next-generation solutions as SaaS. See as an example.

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