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Open source
Fintech solutions

Why choose Resys?

We develop and deliver production-ready solutions for the Fintech industry, paying extreme attention to the greatest and most challenging details of a project to ensure the rapid delivery of a production-ready solution. 


We follow a lean development process, ensuring a prompt and concise delivery which addresses precisely the most important details of a project, avoiding anything unnecessary which can cloud the development process. 


Our years of experience in the financial industry developing and delivering business-critical solutions are reflected in our open source platforms and custom solutions, which are ready to use by subject-matter experts and business people from day one.


ReSys means delivery. We offer our clients the assurance of a production-ready solution tailored to their specific needs in a short amount of time, accelerating the development cycle and reducing lifecycle management costs.


Solutions Development

Our open-source platforms combined with a pragmatic, agile approach set the foundations for delivering enterprise solutions cost-efficiently and on time. Although our primary focus is in the financial sector, we also serve other verticals with the aid of partners that join specialised business knowledge to our philosophy of just delivering IT.

What we do

Our skilled development team leverages modern and emerging technology to address our clients' needs across several business-critical areas. 

Cloud Native Solutions

We build cloud-native solutions to meet specific needs and to further develop preliminary concepts, continuing all the way through to production and maintenance. Our applications take full advantage of cloud service scalability to meet the dynamic needs of your organisation whilst ensuring security and stability at all times.Our solutions support a range of clients across the financial sector.

Business process automation

In combination with our platforms and solutions, we help you leverage your existing business systems to ensure efficiency, consistency, and accuracy across your organisation. Our low code platforms put the power of process automation in your hands,  freeing up more time to focus on what matters to you and your clients.


Our two platforms, Dialob and theWrench, have been designed to work independently or in a complementary manner.  Dialob is used to initiate and complete the data collection process via online forms, and theWrench consumes that data to solve business-specific problems such as pricing, risk calculation, and underwriting.


Both of our platforms are low-code, which require little to no programming knowledge for use. Subject-matter experts and business professionals can begin automating their application-development process from day one.

Automating the build process with our platforms enables users to quickly and efficiently develop, test, and deploy their needs-specific applications whilst keeping development in-house and reducing the manual work traditionally associated with development, testing, and maintenance.

our platforms

We strongly believe in the necessity for automation in software development. In keeping with that, our platforms speed up the build and development processes, enabling live testing in a production-like environment to push fully-tested applications into production quickly.


An open source platform for creating and testing responsive dialogs (forms) and publishing them online. 


Utilise the power of Dialob Composer on the frontend and the Dialob Manager backend engine to create highly customisable forms with validations, versioning, language translations, and security, all built in, and all tailored to a specific end-user requirement. 

Take your User Experience to new levels with the flexibility and security of this dynamic system.


An open source platform designed to reduce the time and cost of developing and testing rules-centric microservices. 

Use theWrench to model and design workflows, execute decision tables and tasks, and automate business processes. Take advantage of the full power of Java, enjoy complete transparency and control over your task code and functionality.

Empower your in-house team to take command of your business processes efficiently.


Our approach

We know how easily a project can get out of hand before it has even begun.  That's why we work differently, emphasising pragmatism and efficiency.

Details matter, especially the most challenging and demanding ones. For that reason, instead of focusing on specification, we emphasise testing first and the involvement of business people in the configuration of their systems. We do not ask for detailed, high-level specifications before work even begins--we get to work on the most pressing details first and ensure that the latest version of a solution is always available for testing and verification before going into production.

Our mindset is this: Solutions should be easy to use, and they should be available as quickly as possible.  To that end, we offer both custom platforms and bespoke solutions with tools you can get started using right away, delivered in a timely manner.

Zero time to start

Be productive from the very beginning of the project.

lean approach

Maintain focus on the important details.

low code

Easy-to-use platforms ready from day one. Little to no coding needed.

cloud native

Scalable, secure, on-demand microservices at your fingertips.


Commercial risk data management solution for a leading Nordic insurance company


MIFID II compliance solutions for several leading financial institutions

Online claims automation solution for a major online insurance company

Cloud native wealth management solution utilised by several wealth management customers. See

Our references

Our scalable solutions provide software for established organisations as well as startup entities. 

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