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The ReSys solutions advantage

Our main goal is to deliver scalable, transparent, open-source, low-code platforms that reduce the amount of time needed for coding.


With ReSys, you get much more than a software solution: You get a reliable partner and control over your IT needs.



An open-source platform for creating and testing responsive dialogs (forms) and publishing them online. Dialob is comprised of two parts:

  • Dialob Composer: a low-code platform to create highly customizable online dialogs with data gathering flow logic, input validations, versioning, language translations, etc. It allows business users to take full advantage of publishing forms without sacrificing the look and feel.

  • Dialob Engine: a backend service that executes defined dialog assets developed and tested via Dialob Composer. As it is a backend service, it can be integrated into any front end application using a simple but comprehensive API.


An open-source platform designed to reduce the time and cost of developing and testing logic-centric microservices. theWrench is comprised of two parts:

  • theWrench Composer: a low-code platform to model and design workflows, execute decision tables and tasks, and automate business processes. theWrench enables you to take advantage of the full power of Java, and enjoy complete transparency and control over your task code and functionality. Empower your in-house team to take command of your business processes efficiently.

  • theWrench Compiler:  Transfers theWrench Composer assets to readable and executable Java applications that can be embedded in other code or used as-is.


theStencil is a lightweight no-code content management system, CMS, designed for composing and managing static content in multiple languages via Markdown. The Stencil is comprised of two parts:

  • The Stencil CMS: the main application you will use to manage your static content, designed to work hand-in-hand with your organization's Stencil Portal UI

  • The Stencil Service Portal: the static content website that your end users will use to read your content, fill in forms, receive messages from your organization, etc.


This theStencil platform unifies and consolidates your content, data gathering, and process automation under one roof.


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