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ReSys is a bespoke software development service provider headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia: the IT hub of Europe. 


Since 2015, we have been developing and delivering cost-effective enterprise solutions across different industries like finance, manufacturing, and eGovernment.


Our roots are in  the finance sector but we have expanded our footprint to other verticals providing business-critical solutions. Our responsive, platform-driven, lean approach to development has cultivated trusted relationships with our customers.

Time to operation

Using a lean development approach together with our platforms, shorten the development cycle and avoid unnecessary noise that can cloud the development process.


As an international company with clients in five European countries, we deliver solutions for different verticals, ranging from finance and insurance to government and manufacturing.
To all of our clients, we bring proven flexibility, product delivery, and continuous support across all our solutions. 


We assure our clients of production-ready solutions tailored to their specific needs in a short time, accelerating the development cycle and reducing lifecycle management costs.

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