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The resys solutions advantage

Our main goal is to deliver scalable, transparent, open-source, low-code platforms and solutions empowering clients to meet their business needs now, not later. 

With ReSys, you get much more than a software solution: You get a reliable partner and control over your IT needs.

take control

  • Cloud native

  • Platform-based software 

  • Automation

  • Code transparency

Create, use, reuse, and modify applications as many times as needed without needing to maintain IT infrastructure or vendor lock-ins.

Take advantage of code transparency to fully understand backend processes.


Improve consistency and accuracy across your organisation.

Provide your customers with unparalleled user experiences based on
your vision.

drive value

  • Continuous delivery

  • Feedback

  • Compliance

  • Preparedness

Ensure your product is perfect before releasing it into production, using live testing to create low-risk releases.

Enjoy full control over your application development cycle and decrease time-to-market.

Keep up to date with the latest compliance requirements and react rapidly to changes.

Get better feedback from users and customers with a shorter development lifecycle, and translate that into a higher quality product. 

rest assured

  • Skilled team

  • Maintenance

  • Product support

  • Innovation

Let our small, skilled team take care of all your IT needs so you can focus on business.


Trust our years of experience developing, delivering, and supporting fintech solutions to seamlessly keep your products up to date and in compliance.

Empower your organisation to decide how your software will be managed.  We offer flexible support and maintenance in any format that you require.


implemented solutions

We leverage current cloud technologies to help you streamline business processes and drive growth to create real value for your customers.

online Business process automation

Our open source platforms provide a unique and fast way to tackle modern BPA needs with our out-of-the-box tools, available for use right away. Businesses and IT segments can get started immediately, leveraging the power of these solutions to improve the level of automation using a controlled, step-by-step approach.

Below are several examples of how Resys platforms are currently addressing BPA needs:

  • Insurance pricing service:  Calculating premiums by coverage across different product lines for both existing and new clients

  • Insurance claims processing: Reducing the strain on human resources to process claims, thus decreasing processing expense and response time to client

  • Know Your Customer (KYC) service: Online data gathering service to ensure that correct data is gathered to comply with MiFID2 and similar types of regulations

  • Internet of Things (IoT): Online IoT data monitoring and processing service which ensures that threshold events are processed according to requirements

  • Resource Allocation and Outpatient Appointment SchedulingA service that recommends clients optimal times for a given type of appointment whilst simultaneously optimizing resource allocation​​

end to end solutions

We deliver comprehensive, fully functioning solutions that keep pace with ever-changing organisational needs across a variety of domains.

As an end to end supplier, we take care of all our software requirements, including installation, implementation, and maintenance.  In this way, we also eliminate the need for third party vendors, reduce operating costs, and simplify the development workflow, as multiple teams are no longer required for working on individual parts of a solution.

The following are several examples of current end to end solutions in the ReSys portfolio:

  • Anti-Money Laundering (AML), FATCA and CRS screening, and processing: A solution to screen out relevant case and process those according companies policies

  • Mobile work related risk data gathering and management: A solution with hundreds of end user companies and users to gather and process risk data online including mobile channel 

  • Student Placement Allocation: Assigning individual students to city schools

  • Cloud native wealth management solution utilised by several wealth management customers. 

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